Maui Hawaiian Poké

What is poké?

Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish which consists of diced marinated cubes of fish. Typically served raw as sashimi. It began when fishermen would serve the cut-offs from their catch with soy-sauce, Maui onions and other asian influenced flavours.

It grew from a poor mans version of Japanese sashimi into an affordable luxury.

Poké has since evolved and is now much like deconstructed sushi in a bowl. Sashimi served over a bed of sushi rice, topped off with seaweeds, fruits, pickles and garnishes.

The team at Maui is pleased to offer the occupiers of The St Botolph building a 10% discount off all food dishes. They also have extended this discount to use on their convenient take away & delivery apps including deliveroo, uber eats & city pantry.

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