Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon, London’s Highest Rated Cocktail Experience, has just opened in the heart of the City, directly opposite the St Botolph Building!


We don’t know much about what you city slickers get up to and y’all don’t know about us outlaws!


Bring us a bottle of your finest moonshine and experience life in the Wild West by joining our illicit liquor smuggling gang! The Saloon barkeeps will be sure to mix you up some mighty fine cocktails!


You never know who may be paying a visit to the Saloon, so be sure to keep your illegal liquor and your involvement in the gang quiet, especially if the Sheriff pays a visit!


As our neighbours we need y’all on our side! Enter the exclusive code (STBOT) at checkout to receive 10% off any booking. Click here to buy (



  • 1 hour 45 minute immersive theatrical experience with you at the centre
  • Includes 4 x personalised cocktails
  • Your very own Western attire to remain undetected by the Law
  • Tickets £35.99 per person