Houndsditch is a street in the City of London that connects Bishopsgate in the north west to Aldgate in the south east. The modern street runs through a part of the Portsoken Ward * and Bishopsgate Ward Without. The street marks the route of the old City of London Wall, as far as the “Old Gate”.

The name ‘Houndsditche’ first appears in the 13th century, and was first paved in 1503.

* Portsoken is a historical district in the City of London, located outside the former London Wall, on the eastern part of the City, near Aldgate. It is one of the 25 wards of the City.

Aldgate and Tower wards lie to the west, and its eastern boundary is defined by Middlesex Street, in Whitechapel. To the north, the boundary meets Bishopsgate and Spitalfields; to the south, the former liberties of the Royal Mint.